While others concentrate on one or two product lines, Vision Semiconductor seeks to provide a complete Fab Solution.  We are able to provide spare part support for equipment such as Applied Materials, Lam Research, Novellus, Tokyo Electron Tracks, Tokyo Electron  Furnaces, Kokusai Furnaces, GaSonics, Genus CVD Tools,  ASML Steppers, Nikon Steppers, Lam/Ontrak Scrubbers, DNS, MKS, VAT, and more. 

Our products include a variety of surplus items such as Generators, Matches, Throttle Valves, Baratrons, and Motors and Controllers.  Vision Semiconductor Solutions also provides rebuilt Seiko Seiki and Leybold Pumps and Controllers. We also have OEM original process related parts such as Quartz Rings, Ceramic Fingers and Arms, Electrostatic Chucks, and Shielding.  Our inventory is constantly expanding and new parts are added frequently.  We have also invested the necessary resources in order to reverse engineer many of the above mentioned consumable parts. 

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You can search our database by entering a part number or part description in the "PARTS SEARCH" field above. If you can not find a part you need please email or call us and we will locate the part as quickly as we can. If you find a part in stock please fill out the RFQ form and we will get back to you quickly. If you need a part we have in stock right away please call us at: 254-899-1700 and we'll do all we can to expedite your purchase.