Vision Semiconductor Solutions, LLC has the answer to your questions. 

We are a global supplier of spare parts and equipment used in the manufacturing of semiconductor components.  Our focus is on creating savings for our customers and increasing their profits.  Our commitment is to establishing long-term business relationships with our customers no matter where they are on the supply chain.  We have successfully worked with End Users, Equipment Refurbishers, and Parts Brokers.   

Our customer base also extends well beyond Semiconductor Factories.  We actively support many industries such as Air Quality Management, Specialty Materials Manufacturing, Colleges and Universities, and Research and Development organizations. 


We will perform with a high degree of competence that is unmatched by our industry peers.

Every Time

Every transaction is executed with the utmost attention to detail as to ensure that quality is the norm rather than the exception.

Every Where 

Our domestic and international customers alike can expect a service oriented philosophy no matter what corner of the earth they are located.